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Beer Lovers Gift - Trainer Tags - checkout offer

Beer Lovers Gift - Trainer Tags - checkout offer

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Run now - beer later! Who do you know with this mantra?

These two personalised trainer tags can be stamped with 'run now - beer later' or a message of congratulations, motivation, a charity name, a team or event name or even a phone number or medical information for safety.

Everything I make has a story - here is the story of these tags which will be printed on the 'Story Card’ along with your message.

Aluminium is a pure, light metal that brings a sense of fun and individuality to your shoes. Perfect to celebrate an amazing achievement and for motivation on the move.

The facts...

The tags measure 15mm x 40mm and can be personalised with up to 15 characters.

The fun stuff...

The comments box - this is where you’ll put any special requests - things such as:

*Asking for a heart stamp on the personalised trainer tags

*Any additional comments you may have - you can also use the ‘Chat’ function when it’s available to ask questions there & then!

*Do you need to sneak on an extra character or two?  Let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Hold it right there...

As all text is hand stamped it means it’s quirky and wonderful so if you are after the symmetry & perfection of an engraving machine, this isn’t for you (but you’d probably like this more!).

And don’t forget...

I have special punctuation characters that you can choose from too...

. @ ( ) ? , $ = ! #

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