Caring for your Theta Jewellery

My jewellery pieces are made from stainless steel and aluminium combined with lead and nickel free charms and semi-precious gemstones. Sterling silver chains and bracelets are available. 

Stainless steel and aluminium jewellery is pretty indestructible and can be worn daily. Some pieces include charms or silver plated catches and are designed for occasional wear.

The stamped letters are filled in with a black permanent marker. If this wears off through exposure to water, you can easily fill them in again with a permanent marker. A baby wipe is great for removing any extra pen marks around the letters.

The care instructions apply to all pieces:

  • Avoid contact with perfume and body lotions – let them fully dry before wearing jewellery Avoid showering or swimming while wearing your jewellery 
  • Do not wear jewellery while exercising 
  • Avoid contact with hard surfaces; store in a soft pouch or velvet lined jewellery box 
  • Do not use any harsh cleansers or abrasive cleaners 
  • Clean jewellery with soapy water, rinse fully after cleaning and dry thoroughly before wearing or storing 
  • Invest in a quality silver jewellery polishing cloth, they are impregnated with cleaning chemicals and easily restore shine

My jewellery is handmade in an environment of positive vibes. It is completely unique, each piece will have it’s own unique shape and finish, many pieces are not quite symmetrical and some will be stamped more heavily than others, however these purposeful imperfections ensure everything I make is perfect for the recipient.