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Magical Dreaming, Your Ideal Day and your Wish Word

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New year! It is a fresh start, new opportunities, a blank page. 
It is glorious!
Wish Word is an empowering approach to change, to make positive decisions that are guided by how you would like to feel.
If you know what you want to achieve in 2020 and can sum it up in a word - your wish for 2020 - that's your 'WISH WORD'. 
If your not sure of your 'Wish Word' then I can help you with my guided 'Wish Word' process.

Resolutions are great however experience shows they seldom work because they are often based on the type of person we are tired of being, rather than how we wish to feel.  Resolutions tend to be around restrictions and giving up some form of negative behaviour.
A much more empowering approach is to make positive decisions that are guided by how you would like to feel. I want you to feel inspired to succeed and to have a fabulous 2020 – and I want to help you to decide on a guiding Wish Word to describe how you wish to feel. 

Struggling to find a Wish Word?

If you are struggling to find a wish word lets spend a few minutes together as I have developed an easy way to help you decide on the perfect Wish Word. Your Wish Word will help you sum up the essence off and provide a and focus for the next year and perhaps the rest of your life. For you this needs to be a word that helps you to step back and look at the bigger picture. It should take no more than 10 minutes of your time and we can work together to help you to find the Wish Word that will positively alter the course of 2019 for you!

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Finding your Wish Word

A great way find the perfect Wish Word is to be very clear on what you would like your ideal day to look like – and most importantly to feel like!

Let me guide you through a simple visualisation exercise to help reveal your perfect day. This involves relaxation and a little bit of magic. Find a place where you can focus on dreaming, where you can close your eyes, relax and generally zone out of your busy day.
Get comfy and prepare yourself for a dreamy, magical 10 minutes and then click to play the audio.

Using your Wish Word in daily life is super easy. Keep it visible, as a reminder of what you’re working to create this year. The more visual you make it, the better.

Deciding on a Wish Word is a strong signal to the Universe to bring more of your Wish Word into your life, however you also need to show up and commit to your Wish Word. Your Wish Word is with you all the time.

Your Wish Word will pop up in everything you think or do.

Each time you are faced with a decision, ask yourself, will saying yes make me feel more “Wish Word”?

If yes, then the answer is yes, if no, the answer to your decision is no!

For example if you are asked “Would you like to attend this event?”, check in with your Wish Word and ask yourself, “Will attending this event make me feel more (Wish Word)?”
If the answer is Yes, then say yes to the invitation, if the answer is No, say no!

Applying your Wish Word to every decision will start to change your world and you will quickly build momentum in the positive changes you want to bring

I promise you, combining Universal energy and your own awareness and commitment to your Wish Word will make you achieving your goals, unstoppable.
That is all there is to it.

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Wishing you a year filled with health & happiness…and have fun with your Wish Word.