The Voice of Theta!

Fancy yourself as a blogger?
Could you be the voice of Theta?

A unique opportunity - and at a minimum, you will get free jewellery!

  • Are you social media savvy?
  • Do people love your posts on Facebook and Instagram?
  • Do you have a happy, outgoing personality? 

theta_smiling-girlCould you be a blogger that people will follow? I am looking for someone to act as the 'Voice of Theta'.

You need to be confident about being on video and happy with creating your own videos as I will be looking for you to vlog and blog. You must (obviously!) like Theta Jewellery and be willing to help me promote my products. My ideal partner will have a decent friendship base on social media and be willing to share and expand their presence.

What’s in it for you?
If this works, you will have taken the first step to being a vlogger (and blogger) - and who knows where that could take you? I will help you with the technicalities, cross promote you to my large base of fans and subscribers and will provide you with jewellery to review, help you with scripting and messaging - and you can keep the jewellery!

I need to make it clear this is not a job as such - your 'payment' is a start on the vlog path (free skills development - oh and free jewellery).

I initially want to try this for 3 months and then evaluate where we go with it after that. I would hope to have a longer term relationship with you, however, after 3 months you will be free to promote other products if you wish. This will very much be a 'learn as we go' experience for us both.

What do I expect?
I would like you to speak and write about Theta Jewellery - over the next 3 months. I am looking for at least 4 good quality videos of between 30sec and 1 min, promoting individual pieces of Theta and also multiple social media posts to support the videos. Theta will have the right to publish and promote those videos and blogs but that should help us both.

How to apply:
1. Make a quick video of you promoting a piece of Jewellery - no more than 1 min long (wearing Theta if you have some), upload it to YouTube and send me the link.
2. In the comments section, write something that you think would help people look at the video.
At this stage I am keen to see your personality and style - I can help you work on technique but what I really want is to understand is what you are all about!

I promise I will look at every video and I will be in touch even if you are not 'The One'. Once I have a shortlist I will share the videos on my Facebook page to see what reaction I get from my likers and then I will select a winner.

I am based in Scotland, but it's the internet, so I don't care where you are,

The search starts now and I hope to be working with the winner by the 1st October.

Thanks for reading and last, but not least, Have FUN! I am really looking forward to seeing all these wonderful vlogs!