Meet the Maker

Positive Mind, Positive Vibes, Positive Life! 

I have always wanted to be the best gift giver ever! So when I took a silversmithing class in my local high school, I turned that new skill into creating bespoke jewellery for the people I love.
Flash forward a few years, and I started hand stamping pieces with children’s names, thank you messages and inspiring mantras on them. That got me thinking about creating and spreading positive vibes.

I started Theta Jewellery in 2012 to help customers be the best gift givers they could be as well— happy, optimistic, grateful and really appreciative of their lives. In fact, I include a special card in my packages asking you to share three things you really love about the person you are gifting.
Celebrating the things you love about someone has a way of lifting the spirit and confidence in all of us. I’ve found that when someone tells you what’s really lovely about you, that happiness spreads and makes the world a better place. In my small way, I’m sending out little love letters for my customers. Hand stamped and heartfelt and truly personalised.

And, yes, there is a story behind the name. Theta Jewellery draws its inspiration from my work as a Theta Healing practitioner, a practice I took up in 2012. Every piece of jewellery I make is created with a compassionate intention to deliver positivity to the wearer.
And while I lovingly prepare each piece, it’s the gift giver who really tells the story. I am humbled to be of service to them. When I hear that both gift giver and recipient are brought to (happy) tears by my work, I know that I’ve found my purpose in life.

Outside of my shop, I love planning holidays and this next year (a big birthday year), I already have five trips in the works. Finally, I LOVE Disney and always look forward to my next Disney adventure!

Thank you so much for supporting handmade.
I’m very glad you’re here.