Three Reasons to Tell People You Love Them - Right Now!

‘I love you’ is probably the most commonly used phrase in the English language.

We say these words to our spouses, our children, our parents and friends; yet rarely do we ever tell our loved ones just what exactly we love about them.  If you are one of the many people who think that telling someone you love them is enough, here are three reasons why you should tell them what you love about them them right now!

1. Saying Positive Things Improves your Health
Taking the time to tell someone what you love may just be what they’ve been longing to hear. But you, too, will benefit from the revelation as kind words release dopamine - the hormone that creates a natural high, and oxytocin which lowers blood pressure by dilating your blood vessels. That’s not all, when the high wears off, it leads to a feeling of calmness, allowing your brain to regenerate and boost your immune system.

Tell Someone You Love Them - Right Now

2. Be Kind, Everyone is Fighting a Battle you Know Nothing About
Anytime you take time to tell someone in your life what they mean to you, your words could replace sadness with a smile.  A good example is that occasionally I make a mistake in my jewellery business, and, understandably, the odd customer is not delighted with my service. I really pride myself on the quality of my work, and on my customer service, so I always feel upset if I haven’t delighted a customer. I am generally of a happy disposition, but getting an email from an upset customer can really lower my mood. However, on most occasions where I find myself in this ‘funk’, I receive a lovely email, testimonial or Facebook post from a delighted customer. A customer who will probably never know what their kind words meant to me.  The point of this story is to let you know that you could be the person that motivates someone else to keep going when they weren’t sure they could. You just don’t know what your words could mean to them. They could mean the world.

3. Life is Short
A number of things are uncertain in this life and one of them is tomorrow. Life is short and unpredictable. You might think you have your loved ones forever, until they are taken from you. The sad thing is that when love is taken away, we really feel how deep it was. Losing someone is hard and people can feel empty when thoughtful words are left unspoken.  If you love anything about the person you are with right now, don’t wait.  Tell them now!

Nat King Cole beautifully put it - “The Greatest Thing You Will Ever Learn is just to love and be loved in return”. Love is all there is! We are all searching for that deep connection with friends and family. We remember being young and the joy of openly expressing the things we loved about each other, before it became awkward and we got out of the habit of saying what is in our heart. Our hearts jump for when we witness an act of pure love.

There are so many people who go through their lives thinking they don’t matter, that no one cares. Any time you have an opportunity to let someone know that they matter - because he/she means the world to you – TAKE IT.

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