The Best Mother's Day Ever

Today has been the best Mother's Day ever!

Sometimes I worry that I work too many hours on my business and I am not around enough for the family. Sometimes I think that my boys don't really know what I actually do, apart from being a 'jewellery designer'. Sometimes I think I am not great at expressing what Theta Jewellery is really about, how I want to create positive ripples in the world.

Today I realised that I am better at this than I think I am. :)

You may know that I have been working on a range of jewellery that comes with a card for the gift-giver to add the three things they love most about the recipient. My plan is to be a catalyst for beautiful conversations, heartfelt connections - I have been describing it is 'imagine how you would feel if a loved one took the time to tell you what they really loved most about you'. I knew there was a power to this idea, customers have shared gorgeous stories with me about how hearing three amazing things about them brought them to  tears. But today, I really discovered just how powerful the 'Say 3 things' concept is.

Mother's Day CardsMy sons had obviously been listening to my musings, they had picked up on how passionate I am about telling someone the 3 things they love most about them and this morning, that each presented me with a card containing a list of their favourite things about me. This was totally unprompted, unexpected and unbelievably emotional. It gave me a real insight into what I was doing right as a parent and a human being and after a few (happy) tears this morning, I have been walking around with a glow today. I also got an amazing joint Mothers Day/Birthday present (it is a biggie), but honestly, I would have been happy with the cards alone.

Please take the time to 'Say 3 Things' to the people you love - whether you use the Theta range to help, or whether you just write it on a piece of blank paper. I promise you, you will make someone's day, week, month and when you see their reaction, you will feel amazing.

Do it!

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