How to Show Appreciation - A Super Simple, Super Easy Way

“The most important thing in this world is to learn to give out love and let it come in.” - Morrie Schwartz

It feels amazing to be told how great you are!
And it feels amazing to tell other people how great you think they are and what you love most about them.

So you do it all the time, right?

Sometimes, life gets busy and taking the time to appreciate friends and family isn’t your top priority. A few days can go by without you taking the time to tell the people around you what you love most about them. That is understandable and pretty common. However, what happens when those few days turns into weeks and then months? We are all creatures of habit and when we get into the habit of forgetting to tell the people around you what is amazing about them, they can start to feel neglected, or at the very least more distant from you.

Also, saying lovely things to your friends and family might feel a little awkward, we live in a society where building each other up is not always the norm. It is easier to stay in your comfort zone and simply assume that they know how you feel, but your friends and family are not mind readers and their emotional state and self-esteem can majorly impact how they perceive their relationship with you. That is what makes it so important for you to say out loud the lovely things you think about them in your head and your heart.

It this isn’t something that feels super easy for you, let me help.
How to tell someone what they mean to you in three sentences.

OK, here goes…
Just fill in the blanks



Three Things I Love About You




Simple as that, write it down and either just pass the card to someone or read it to them. I promise you this will be the most heart-warming thing you have done for a while. I guarantee happy tears from you and the person you are appreciating.





The idea for this hand stamped jewellery range was born when I received a Christmas card this year where someone had taken the time to write the three things they love most about me. Wow! in the flood of Christmas cards that dropped through my door, this was the one that I kept, that made me cry, that made me feel gratitude and a deep connection to its sender. Such a simple idea, but so powerful.

Tell people what you love about them as often as you can. Start with the next person you meet and then pick someone else, then someone else. Make this a habit, an amazing happy habit.

Do it! #shareyourthree
and let me know how you get on, this is life changing!

Julie x

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