Buddy Bear Anti-Bullying Campaign

For the month of August, I am partnering with an amazing anti-bullyBuddy Bearing campaign.

For every sale placed online, I will donate £1 to the Buddy Bear initiative.

Having two school age children means I am really aware of the challenges faced by schools dealing with bullying. I was really inspired to find this initiative and would love to support them.

Buddy Bear was created by a group of five teenagers - Aimee, Brogyn, Emily, Erin and Rory in partnership with Lead A Bright Future  - The idea to tackle bullying started with a conversation about personal experiences, which led to an  understanding of how widespread bullying is.  Anyone whose life has been touched by bullying knows how horrible and isolating it can be.  Fuelled with a passion to help prevent it from happening to any other children, for their project the teens were helped to write a children's picture storybook and the idea grew from there.  It now includes an amazing backpack of fun and edBuddy Bearucational resources for younger children, which is supported by the SQA Giving Something Back initiative, and is continuously evolving and being updated.

Please visit the Buddy Bear website to find out more about this fabulous campaign.

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